SecuPerts Cyber Shield

Cyber Shield represents an innovative Pro-Active Protection against sophisticated Viruses, Malware, Trojans! Whether surfing on insecure pages, streaming videos, online banking or opening unsafe email attachments. 
The product web-page is: https://cyber-shield.de/en/
Cyber Shield is the perfect complement to anti-virus software!
- Surf safely - Stay safely and without risk on the Internet. Surf all the pages you want. Stream videos - no matter how dubious the source may seem. Malware has no chance to cross the Cyber Shield virtual environment.
- Secure e-mail - No more afraid of attachments from unknown persons. All attachments can be opened, containing viruses, Trojans, etc. can not cause any harm! Of course, this also applies to e-mails that are picked up via a web interface.
- Passwort Manager - Manage and create secure passwords while surfing with Cyber Shield for all your accounts. You can save your passwords securely and encrypted. We recommend giving an individual password for each account/website!
- Secure online banking - Enjoy the protection against phishing attacks, since only registered bank pages (whitelisting) can be surfed. Furthermore, there is a software for the secure processing of banking transactions on the Internet. Incl. Support for HBCI/FinTS and Pin/Tan!
- Anonymous thanks to VPN - Protect your privacy while surfing! Exchange your IP address with an IP address of our integrated Virtual Private Network service. Alternatively, you can also use the Tor network to protect your privacy.
- Secure data exchange - All data used in Cyber Shield can be shared with your "normal" environment via a virtual drive. As a precaution, all files are scanned using Avira technology - so you are alsways on the safe side.